Thousand moments

words/music: A. Graefe

childrens laughter,snow at christmas, barfoot in the sand
strawberries with whipped cream, walking hand in hand
the first touch, vanilla icecream, a warm summernight
being welcomed by your dog, green traffic lights

sunflowers,gummy bears ,a baby kitten on the lap
sunrise in the mountains, a 30 minutes nap
sitting in the grass watching a river flow
waking up and the world is sunken in glittering snow

1000 moments, feelings of bliss like the first kiss
passin your live ,stayin a while and make you smile

work is done, kids finally asleep, a glass of wine
sitting by the fireside, the sun is gonna shine
sharing childhood memories with a brother or a friend
newborn baby on your shoulder, castles in the sand

your favourite song on the radio, cuddeling in bed
bareback riding,empty beaches, fresh baked bread
a blanket on a meadow, looking at the clouds above
the sweet exhaustion after making love

1000 moments...

sunset on the ocean, top of the hill
first bbq , planting a tree , three words" Yes i will"
sweet cherries, candle light, the headaches fade away
Spagetti, indian summer, the smell of fresh cut hay

Every day has happiness, fortune and luck
everyday has love , you just have to pick it up

1000 moments....

childrens laughter,snow at christmas, barfoot in the sand..