Young in The Saddle
Words and music: © Mark Maysey

the rodeo started early
but my draw was late
got thrown from the saddle
just outside the gate
not sure what hurt more
my back or my pride
or the damned honest truth
I'm getting too old to ride

can't remember the last time
when I felt this low
when the last ride was finished
had no where to go
laid back in my saddle
with this voice in my head
repeating those words
my father once said

when youre young in the saddle
you don't have a care
you're only worry
is with who and where
you'll waste every moment
spend all of your pay
when you're young in the saddle
you only ride for the day

checked out from the motel
and stopped for a bite
next ride was in Dallas
had to be there by night
I'll fill up my thermos
and say a good prayer
a chance for the buckle
is still in the air

repeat chorus